My Style
The Wedding Experience

Having trouble figuring out how to choose a wedding photographer? Their work should resonate with you, what you like and how you want the memories of your wedding day to feel. 

If you want sleek pictures that make you look like models in Vogue- I'm probably not the photographer for you.
If you're after warm, rich, organic images that are filled with heart & emotion- you're in the right place.  If you enjoy some fun, aren't scared of a little PDA and want pictures of candid moments, even when the party gets a little messy, then I'm your girl!

I believe that wedding photos shouldn’t be on-trend poses that are stiff and disingenuous to who you are as people.  I believe that the best part of your wedding day is the feelings that go with it- the love, excitement, tears and the anticipation of a new life (and of course the epic partying!), and that is what I aim to capture in your wedding images.

My job isn’t just to take snaps of your day, anyone with a camera can do that. My job is to capture the emotions you are feeling so that when you look at your photos, you don’t just remember how the day looked, but how it felt to be there in that moment.


My job isn't just booking you in and forgetting about you till your wedding day. I am always here to answer questions and to help you through the wedding planning experience, providing information, taking your awesome engagement portraits and checking in with you to help plan a timeline for your day that works to achieve the feel that you want- not just what suits your venue.


I am always more than happy to share recommendations for vendors, weigh in on the best way to deal with weird family dynamics and provide you with some support if plans go awry. After six years in the industry and attending loads of weddings- I've got plenty of experience to draw on!


For the most part I sink into the background and let your day unfold. I try not to interrupt the flow of your day too much, making sure I stay invisible at the crucial moments. I want your photos to tell your wedding story and don’t want your memories of your wedding day to be of me!  I will of course take the essential family group photos and escape with you for some quiet time for portraits, but I keep it effortless, guiding you if needed and letting you be yourselves to capture those authentic feels.



My entire focus on a wedding day is to provide you with an authentic narrative of your wedding story. My job is more than just the pictures, it’s about a new beginning, a marriage, the shared history that you have as a couple but also with your family and friends.  My job is to capture the heart and soul in this brand new piece of your family history. I promise to invest myself completely in telling that story with warmth, honesty and sensitivity.


For a lot of couples, the reception is where their family and friends relax and the wider landscape of their story can be told. There’s nothing quite like a wedding (ahem, and alcohol....) to get people busting out their best moves on the dancefloor and you’d better believe I will be there for every air-guitar-battle, dirty-dancing-reinactment, dancefloor-mooning moment that occurs -guests be warned!!

The Family Experience

Family is hectic, messy and at times pretty crazy, but that’s what makes each one special and absolutely perfect in their own way.

I want to capture those playful moments for you. Families aren’t polished and flawless, so I don't believe your family photos should show that.  I want to capture how it feels to be a kid, the cuddles, the mud pies, the screaming zoomies through grass as tall as you are- those moments are the perfect ones.  

These pictures shouldn’t be about stressing if your kids are behaving or standing still in a line, they should be of the special moments that you love about being a family, giant group hugs, peek-a-boo and piggy back rides.  These are the memories you want to look back on in 20 years, not stiff smiles and boring formal poses. 


Bring on the crazy, messy perfection of real family.


Looking for intimate, romantic pictures of you and your soulmate bestie?  I’m here for you. If you are up for a little PDA and having some fun in front of the camera, then you’re my people! 


The best time for sessions is usually the hour before sunset (Ok fine. And the hour after sunrise- but you’re prolly not gonna get me to drag my butt outta bed at that time of day if I’m honest…. :-P), so that’s when I recommend booking a session for, I want you to look your absolute best and lighting is the most important part of a session- apart from you two of course!.


I know not everyone is totally excited to jump in front of a camera and be sensational, but I promise I will help you to feel comfortable. I use easy, gentle prompts- and if you need a little dutch courage beforehand, I promise not to tell!

The Couples Experience